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Every business is different. Network and cloud solutions should be too.
Mantra Computing works closely with business owners and managers to understand their businesses and financial needs. We help you make informed decisions about systems, technology and support options. Whether you are a small 5 person operation running entriely off the Cloud or you have a 1000 employees with complex technology and support needs, you and your business can benefit from the close relationships we build with our clients.

What We Do

Here are a few of our successes. If you’d like to read more detail, click the link below.

Innovative Sports Industry Startup

Took innovative sports industry startup from 25 to 200+ users in only 3 years with unique mobile wireless, storage and compliance solutions.

Challenge: Explosive growth in a unique operating environment.

Solution: Mobile outdoor wireless solution, Hybrid Cloud storage solution and Mobile Device Management solution (MDM) and other management tools to employ the new formalized policies and procedures.

Biotech Startup

Took small biotech startup from 7 to 200+ users in 12 months, developing a technology roadmap to support this high growth.

Challenge: Startup needing fast, reliable, scaleable technology requiring hands on implentation.

Solution: Developed actionable technology plan across multiple sites, installing over 200 computers, developing an internal team to implement and support growth.

Established Law Firm

Deployed technologies and policies to secure their infrastructure and meet the strict compliance needs of ALTA and MA data privacy laws.

Challenge: Compliance and security.

Solution: Layer 7 firewall, secure messaging platform, disaster recovery/failover solution, Email Archiving, and identity management solution for single user authentication for Cloud and on premise systems.

Renewable Industry Consultancy

Helped secure important contracts by implementing data security solutions to meet or exceed contract requirements.

Challenge: Contract security requirements.

Solution: Extended their existing infrastructure to meet and exceed the requirements of the contract in the required expedited timeframe.

International Biotech Consulting Firm

Modernize infrastructure and move technology resource to the Cloud for improved security, collaboration and lower IT costs maintaining their data center in Boston.

Challenge: Aging infrastructure in Boston based data center and diversifying workforce.

Solution: Cloud based infrastructure for email, document storage, communication (video/chat) and compliance.

Software Developer

Resolved cloud based infrastructure problems with wireless reliability and bandwidth issues affecting their ability to reliably access resources critical to their productivity.

Challenge: Wireless reliability and bandwidth limitations.

Solution: Implemented bandwidth prioritization solution with business class reliable wireless infrastructure to address challenges of interference and needed coverage.

New Tech/High Tech Industry Pioneer

Developed comprehensive Information Security plan to protect IT assets in local Waltham based data processing center and users working remotely all over the word and in potentially hostile environments.

Challenge: Security.

Solution: State of the art infrastructure allowing secure working from anywhere.

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